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According to this idiot, it's being on a college campus and adhering to conservative values, with no actual clear distinction between people who stand up for what they believe and think on their own versus just standing up as a "conservative".  

Why does this video disgust me?  

Because it's clearly just a partisan flat out rejection of any liberal ideas in favor of conservative ideas ONLY FOR THE SAKE OF OPPOSING LIBERAL VALUES.  It really has nothing to do with trying to convince college students to think for themselves, or promote a sense that you shouldn't be forced to believe or feel a certain way.  In fact it goes against its own statement, by asking people to instead just conform to conservative values rather than recognize that subscribing to one viewpoint for all of your social and economic viewpoints is in fact: stupid.  

The fact that this is on Glenn Beck's site, I realize, should have tipped me off to the skewed viewpoint of conservative as great and liberal as not, but it was posted by a family member of mine on facebook, so I watched it to see what it was actually about.  I guess I just hoped whoever his guest speaker was wasn't an idiot.  But apparently I gave this woman too much credit.  

I really just support that idea that you think for yourself.  Being entirely liberal, or entirely conservative is what keeps you from being a free thinker, from being intelligent, from being a non-conformist.  If you subscribe, entirely to a word that somehow defines your beliefs in everything for you, that should be a red flag that there is a problem!

Maybe I just hate this because the idea of identifying myself as liberal or conservative, I feel, limits me, as well as limits the viewpoint others have of me.  I am not defined by a single word and neither are my beliefs, and I refuse to let anyone try to label me that way.